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Reason for printing missed

Two or more colors, all or part of the fabric printing pattern in one or several colors pattern disengaged or pressed stack is not printed in the position where it should be printed on the label while it does not match the pattern sample.
    the reasons:
① with the gap Locator printed version and the printing station or printing machine is too large, the printing plate positioning is loose, the force generated by the blade run and layout make large force in the direction to move the printed version, the pattern is not printed on should India position.
② printing edition box deformation, attached to the frame of the screen there is a local version of loose or disconnected phenomena, part of the pattern on the plate away from the original location.
③ a pattern in the printed version of each larger difference between wet and dry sections, humidity layout loose up or partial relaxation serious, so the layout pattern blade running direction of the force to move the local fabric pattern or all of the different degrees of dislocation.
④ During the printing run edition, he touched the hearts of the garment to be printed or bolts of cloth, so that the pattern has been printed in the printing stage movement.
⑤ various printing screen tension when the difference between the larger version Stretching or uneven when affected by temperature, humidity, screen layout little tension or uneven patterns easily shift.

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