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How to make stencile

1. Screen materials, tools

Screen consists of the frame, screen, sensitive adhesive; materials used as well as nail net nails, Nien net glue, tape, and other censorship; production network version of the tool are: Stretching device, Stretching clamp, nail gun network , glue machine, glue scraper bucket, dryer, printer, spray guns.

T-shirt printing to save a certain amount of general halftone pattern and a long shelf life, from an economic point of view commonly used system network box. The frame of the wooden material fir better texture is too hard wood nailer is difficult to nail into the net, texture is too loose and easily deformed timber loose. Network using nail gun than using sticky adhesive net with speed, convenience advantages, but the screen stability. If you can combine the best of both. Since the T-shirt printing mostly using water-based paint, the appropriate use of polyester mesh, nylon mesh water easily because the expansion relaxation.

2. Stretching

T-shirt screen of stretching process requirements and general network version of the same. It should be noted that the choice of different screen-printed material should be affordable. As a network version that is foaming water slurry have printed material printed materials, gold silver printed material, the aqueous slurry should adopt the 120 mesh screen, foam pulp, silver paste should use 80 to 100 mesh screen, Screening Screen 140 mesh screen is recommended. Containing fiber or pure chemical fiber fabric printing, such as printing using water-based slurry should be selected from 140 to 160 mesh screen, use the ink should be used more than 240 mesh screen.

3. The photographic plate

Aqueous printed material with an aqueous sensitive adhesive, thermosetting ink and solvent sexy light plastic are available to solvent sexy light plastic is better, because stripping easier. On the screen coating sensitive adhesive layer should be noted that even the general printing surface plastic squeegee surface layer thickness in. Different depending on the thickness of the photosensitive film of printed material, fabrics and graphics and great distinction.

(1) plus net net book version of the film should be. If the film thickness, leakage printed material, the more easily make outlets paste version.
(2) Chemical Fabrics Regardless ink or aqueous slurry, thermosetting ink, network version of the film should book, one to prevent the paste version, and secondly also because of printing books and printed material feel softer. But the case of printing thick oxford cloth fabric (400 denier, for bags traveling bags, etc.), film can be correspondingly thicker.
(3) mortar printing and screen printing foam layer must be thick. Especially on a dark fabrics printed fabrics and rough mortar, stencil layer should be 3 times plus stencil layer thickness of about (0.3mm or more), so that the glue will be printed hiding power, printed surface smooth. T-shirt printing network version of the production and process requirements with conventional halftone production is basically the same, but because of the mortar printing using a 80 mesh screen and is so thick, so be careful to take a good exposure time copy, in order to avoid jagged edges of the image. Prepress production process not only T-shirt is good or bad decisions, and determine its success or failure. In business, an image that is beautifully designed T-shirt printing myself very fine, it is still able to sell out, because after all, consumers know very little printing technology; however, if a T-shirt designs badly , either you have to be fine print, no matter how good the quality of fabrics, but also no one will buy. Because, buy T-shirts is to buy cultures, values ​​in excess of T-shirt T-shirt blank clothing value. Thus, T-shirt design T-shirt worth pivotal constitution. Of course, this does not mean that the print quality is not important. High print quality of T-shirts, even printing technology consumers will understand the feel and distinguish the level of its block times. We summarize in practice the phrase: decide whether to sell out pattern; print to decide whether to sell well (prices).

In addition, the copy exposure, our business usually time-exposure is not very accurate, but if the copy test tables for testing, you will find the control copy may not affect the time for broad-brush, but for great influence of fine lines and screen dots, in order to manufacture high-quality network printing, you must carefully determine the exposure time. Is the same set of four-color plus net negatives, due to the different colored dot density, exposure time should not be the same, low-key screen should be slightly shorter exposure time, high-profile screen exposure time should be slightly longer in order to avoid high light outlets are washout . Prepress production process in addition to the computer, but it can be said is not difficult to master, it is important that serious, the better it.


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